History of ACCURATE INDUSTRIES is deeply related to the growth of Brass industry in Jamnagar City.

A joint family business successfully run by the 3 rd generation with most advanced technology available for Brass Material.

The origin was before 5 decades in 1970’s when even sand casting was a challenge for common man. A typical process of Sand casting done by coal based firing in Graphite Crucible furnace. By mastering the art of recognizing the quality of Brass metal from the Scrap available in the market and than, latter melting it very cautiously in a fragile but very expensive Graphite crucible to get the proper Brass material composition (suitable for machining ) without any chemical analysis facility, the Company got a very good momentum in is growth. It was than expanded and such 3 new casting unites where started to meet the requirement.

Eventually with the association of the second generation it was time to look for further expansion of business and than the component manufacturing unite was set as forward integration. The challenge was technology which was very conventional and non-productive for the machining of Brass Parts since it was 100% manual. With the smart, prompt bold decision the Company was able to develop semi-automatic SPM. This was the backbone of the Company to capture the market in the field of electrical industry.

Now in 1990’s the third generation started to get involve and the Company with it major exposer to electrical industries had got opportunity to work with MNC companies in India Abroad. With it came the challenge to deliver components with close tolerance and as per specific Material Grades. Many new quality instruments like Profile Projector with Surface reader, Dial Gauge, Radius Gauges where used at that time. Further the need for specialised material grades and casting defect free material was a big challenge to cater with very few Extrusion Plants in Jamnagar. Hence again a major decision was taken in terms of big Capital Investment to establish a State of the Art Extrusion Plant in the new Industrial Area GIDC Phase – III.

After that to optimize the production process meet the huge demand several PLC based automation where installed with very high production rate and high efficiency. Now recently to deliver ZERO DEFECT material, again a historic decision was taken to invest in AOI. It does 100% inspection of each part for any missing operation or dimensional variation.

To integrate and simplify the day to day working, world class ERP system by SAP was purchased.

Thus the Journey of Accurate is a tale of continual improvement and success with a Growth rate of more than 25% every year.