Materials we can work with

Brass as per various Grade, Bronze, ETP Copper & other Copper alloys, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, & Plastic

Different form of Raw Material we work on

Scrap, Rods, Section, Coil, Hollow Rods, Sheets, One Piece Casting, Forged Parts

Surface Finish we can provide

Nickel, Chromium, Tin, Trivalent Zinc, Silver, Aluminium Flux Coating & Anti-Tarnish Lacquer. We also do De-burring process. We can give specific Micron thickness for each type of plating along with Salt Spray test


MS, ETP Copper, Aluminum, Lead-Free Brass, Leaded Brass, Phosphorous Bronze.


Forging, Sheet Metal, Milling, Cutting, Threading, Drilling, Chamfering, Slothing, Marking, Turning, Riveting, assembling, Finishing, Deburring.


Barrel Nickel, One-piece nickel, Chrome, Tinned, Silver, Zinc, Antitarnish, Pickling.


2mm to 500mm


PPAP Level III, MTC (material test Certificate) STC (Salt spray test certificate) Plating Micron Certificate, Dimension Report

Design Aid Software

AutoCAD 3D


Blister Packing, Polybag Packing, Box Packaging, VCI Bag Packing, Silica Gel, Wooden Pallets